Plastic Material Hyundai Car Key 95430-1F210 2 Button Panic 315MHz Frequency

Transmitter Remote Key Fob 95430-1F210 2 Button+Panic 315MHz for Hyundai


 The part number is 95430-1F210 and it's 315MHZ.The product is in strict quality control for stable and high qualty.It is made by plastic matterial, not recycel material.The surface of the model is very flat and has no flash bur on the cover.It won't hurt hands.The key blade is included in the purchase and uncut.


Product Information:


Part number: 95430-1F210

Frequency: 315 MHZ

Condition: unlock




This remote will need programmed to the vehicle before it will work with the vehicle.
Some remotes can be programmed by you while others require diagnostic programming that can only be done by a locksmith or dealer .






The plastic parts are assembled without gaps, which is connected by split line and looks very perfect.
The cover is made of ABS material, the surface with high hardness, good chemical resistance, heat and corrosion resistance and impact strength.
There is no any flash burr on the cover, the surface is very flat and nice.




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